The Traditional Valentine’s Day Manifesto!

So every year I have a tradition of posting this document which I once wrote for a church news letter (previous church, not Bridgeway) So… in the time honored tradition, even though it’s not technically “Retro Blog Day”, here it is:

Annual Valentine’s Tirade… but not what you think.

AHHHHH… Valentine’s day… the old tradition of flowers, candy, AND POTENTIAL DISASTER!!!
What I am about to write mostly pertains to men, so ladies please feel free to read and encourage the men in your life…. or if this all backfires… write me and tell me what a twit I am. Hopefully this will somehow be a small blessing in your relationships (present or future).
Now any man reading this can probably recount some time in his life where he has made a valentinian blunder, and can identify with what I am about to write. This is why I have become a Valentine’s Day cynic; this “holiday” just does not sit well with me. Now before you ladies get a rope and plan to lynch me … just keep reading. What I am writing about is a love that makes no mistakes, no blunders, and is wonderfully sufficient.
In February, as we look in the local flower shops, peruse the See’s candy store, or (if you need to make a big splash) the local Jewelry store, let’s make sure our thoughts are turned toward the One who has given us the incredible ability to love another person and has blessed us with the gift of other people that love us as well. Our relationships with one another are a huge part of this walk we call Christianity, and those relationships are only held together by the relationship we have with Jesus.
This month you will be inundated with commercials, articles and jingles that all revolve around this premise of “true love”… I’m sorry but when did true love become something bought off of a store shelf. We are blessed to know the reality of a love that is truer and more complete than can ever be coined by some Jared Jewelers commercial. I urge you not to forget this fact during the frenzied rush to show your “true love” to your significant other, crush, or recent hook up.
See… I have a challenge for you men…. ALL OF YOU!!… Stop buying the lie. Stop being sold on this idea that this one day of the year is more important than all others to tell the people you love that you love them. Especially if that person is your wife!!! There is no way one day a year will make up for the other 364 that you ignore that opportunity. I absolutely spit on the idea that roses on valentine’s day are more special than the random bouquet of flowers brought home for no reason at all. I GUARANTEE YOU… if you love the women in your life correctly… we could stamp out valentine’s day all together… if we could love our wives as Christ loved the church (Ephesians 5:25) we wouldn’t be subject to the guilt laden valentine’s myth.
If we would rise up together men and love our women as we should… Valentine’s day wouldn’t matter anymore… it would be a distant memory. But for now it remains a guilt ridden, marketing feeding frenzy that prays on men who know that they have spent too much time at work, too little time appreciating their wives and families, and now they are fed this line of crap about how this one “special day” a year will make it all up.
So men…. get it right… love consistently… and stamp out the valentine’s lie!!!
that’s right….

I said it.

down with valentine’s day….