Candid Covid Realities – Grayed Out Podcast Ep. 4

So this episode is going to take a turn to the one thing we are all dealing with, hearing about, up to our neck in, have most likely had enough of, EVERY DAY…

The impact of the COVID-19 infection due to the coronavirus, but NOT the gov’t response… that is for another episode!!

Society is struggling y’all and people are becoming more and more and more divided, angry, spiteful… super judge-y and opinionated (irony noted)

Here are some of the major issues and where I think we are struggling most and for those of us in the middle (or at least for ME) it’s incredibly frustrating to watch.

FREEDOM OR FEAR (not even kidding)

These are the issues that are seriously dividing people into groups of spiteful hateful bickering condescending patronizing finger pointers.


You may have seen the videos of people being mocked for wearing masks and shamed for not wearing them. But the reality is why?

Costco dude, and pictures of lines and all that jazz- CAN WE AGREE It’s ok for places of Business to require masks –

The twitter-verse explodes constantly berating people on either side of the issue and the political game is getting harder and harder to stomach unless you’re staunchly vested in YOUR SIDE. And all this because, as it appears, NO ONE WANTS TO BE WRONG…

AT the heart of it.. the reality.


HOWEVER – Can it be a REASONABLE understanding to think it is one ONE HAND incredibly sad that over 98k people have died in our country and also realize that it could have been much worse considering that that is 2/100ths of 1% of our entire national population, AND also realize that the dire impact of financial hardship is also REALLY REAL for people and that doesn’t mean you value PROFIT over LIVES.

And in the same breath, some people are a little more timid about the disease and the risks, and want to wear masks and stay indoors this does NOT MEAN they are fear driven sheep, they may have at risk loved ones at home, or be at some risk themselves that you may be unaware of it doesn’t mean they are SOCIALIST RUBES..

This is where the FREEDOM vs. FEAR game just keeps pitting people against people and we should be, IN A TRULY FREE society, ok with people making choices for themselves, and I get that in some places the gov’t may be seeming to over-reach, but even that will balance out, I trust that, because election years happen and states change “colors” on occasion. So the system will work, eventually? But the over the top outrage about non issues, just goes to show how deep the divide keeps getting, and that somehow people thinking their side is right is somehow going to drive the other side to change their mind, vs. saying well some people will make different choices and we need to realize that more of us are capable of adulting than we think.

Grayed Out Podcast Episode 3: The Strange Case of Ahmaud Arbery

The Ahmaud Arbery case has been one of the most controversial non-controversies I think I may have ever witnessed in my life.

There is a correct level of absolutely RIGHTEOUS outrage at this one.

IN this episode we recap the timeline and talk about some of the references. Hold on tight because I do get a little heated/emphatic about this one. It’s just one of the strangest things I’ve witnessed as an adult and the degree of questioning about the fact that people are in a twist about it is bizarre.

Here are the referenced links:

Wikipedia’s overview of the entire case:
NYT’s page on the matter:
Local Paper’s coverage of the police report:
NPR article on the latest arrest:

Colin Noir’s Video on the Subject:

When you get through this episode my hope is you have a better view of it and why it shouldn’t be a Right vs. Left issue AT ALL… this is about a young man who lost his life who didn’t need to.

Hit me up with your thoughts in the comments.