Grayed Out Podcast Episode 3: The Strange Case of Ahmaud Arbery

The Ahmaud Arbery case has been one of the most controversial non-controversies I think I may have ever witnessed in my life.

There is a correct level of absolutely RIGHTEOUS outrage at this one.

IN this episode we recap the timeline and talk about some of the references. Hold on tight because I do get a little heated/emphatic about this one. It’s just one of the strangest things I’ve witnessed as an adult and the degree of questioning about the fact that people are in a twist about it is bizarre.

Here are the referenced links:

Wikipedia’s overview of the entire case:
NYT’s page on the matter:
Local Paper’s coverage of the police report:
NPR article on the latest arrest:

Colin Noir’s Video on the Subject:

When you get through this episode my hope is you have a better view of it and why it shouldn’t be a Right vs. Left issue AT ALL… this is about a young man who lost his life who didn’t need to.

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