Racism & The Middle: Raw & Uncut (sorta) – Grayed Out Podcast Ep. 5


This episode deals with Racism & The Middle: Raw & Uncut

I realize this may be a sensitive subject, but I want to make sure that I do both what I can to speak out against injustice, and also to make sure that people from both sides can understand a few different perspectives and raw realities.

First let me caveat this:
I know that as a white man, this is going to generate mixed responses, and some will think I have NO BUSINESS talking about this and some will think I have NO BUSINESS staying silent. Some will say I have no real understanding, and hopefully I can offer some thoughts, that may cause some people to think, some to understand, and some to heal.

As a man who was raised in San Francisco’s East Bay, home to cities, like Oakland, Richmond, El Cerrito, San Pablo, Rodeo, Hercules, and my hometown of Pinole, I had the advantage of ALWAYS being in school with a vast array of ethnicities, and we experienced a different kind of upbringing that said all those people we were growing up with were our people, our community, our classmates and most importantly our friends. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t have our struggles, tonight I’m going to tell a short story about a struggle, and a dumb kid, who did a stupid thing… and the amazing way that the situation ended… hopefully to begin a dialogue about all of us, our combined humanity and how things need to go to move forward, in my humble, but really honest to the point of raw, opinion

No links this time around… everything you are hearing about either happened in the stone ages of no cell phones/personal video cameras or is right in your face every day.

And Now You’ve been Grayed Out….
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