What Are We Even Thinking? – Grayed Out Podcast EP 6


Ep 6: WHAT Are We Even Thinking?

This episode deals with the continued national narrative surrounding the protests and riots as a result of the death of George Floyd.

This has continued to be a heavy week and my emotions and thoughts are a bit scatters for this episode but bear with me. I’m finding that there is serious frustration in actual voicing opinions from the middle and the louder I get, the more people misunderstand and say I’m spouting or spinning for whatever side is opposite them. I’m overwhelmed

I’m sharing thoughts on Defunding/Abolishing the police around the nation and also how sharing outdated and half true videos is not helpful.

Tupelo Mississipi Video:
There are two takes on this and I couldn’t find the original whole video other than on Terrence K. Williams (conservative comic/pundit) facebook channel (so you may need to divorce the commentary from the actual video) https://www.facebook.com/terrencekwilliams/videos/357730235212354/?
Here is the take from black podcast/vlog host Roland Martin and a panel he hosted on the matter: https://youtu.be/XzZYv8_3EKA

Bellvue Washington Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ooTLdj_L2U
This is a response to the recirculation of the video of this. The result being the full suspension of choke holds.

There are also a few scattered thoughts about media coverage etc.

We don’t need revolution we need serious REFORM.

As always I’d love the feedback.

And Now You’ve been Grayed Out….
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