Disagreement Does Not A Racist Make – Grayed Out Podcast EP 7


Ep 7: Disagreement Does Not A Racist Make

This episode deals with the importance of Dialogue, Disagreement & Dissent in figuring out solutions to our societal issues, present situation especially…

There is a cultural wave happening where disagreement or dissent is becoming the catalyst for labeling people as “ISTS” or “PHOBES”

This has always been an issue but with the national spotlight hyper-focused on the current issue of injustice/racial tensions… it has found another gear and seems to be getting a little out of control.

The crowds of people in harried desire to be helpful and appear as allies are starting to label people as racists for not getting onboard with their “very clearly” superior morally righteous ideas and “solutions”

And in some cases there are people losing jobs (https://twitter.com/brokebackUSA/status/1270096112666492928) , livelihoods, relationships and in extreme cases could be in real danger.
Doxxing Examples:

What Is Doxxing? 5 Examples of Doxxing and How to Prevent It

Which is completely ironic and in some cases completely hypocritical.

This is a problem that exists on both sides of the political sphere and is just a fear driven tactic to drive wedges, create fear, and demand agreement.

The only people that can change that are us, the voices in the middle or leaning toward the middle, willing to say to the fear peddlers… nope we are not buying today, and we are going to stand for something right and better.

How are we supposed to find solutions that actually work if meaningful disagreement and dissent are not allowed and processed along the way and further, those things are punished with outright labels and more hatred?

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