Defending Trump & Other Troubling Matters – Grayed Out Podcast EP 8

Ep 8: Defending Trump & Other Troubling Matters

Do you know what it’s like to have to defend something or someone that you’re not exactly a big fan of? I mean just try and get a non-Patriots fan to admit that Tom Brady may be the GOAT and you’ll see. It’s painful if not near impossible… but remember the analogy… our elected leaders are not a football team or player.

With the political divide being as prevalent as it is, large as it has ever been, and seemingly only getting worse. It’s maddening to see when people cannot be honest even when they dislike a politician or platform.

Because of this I have had to come out in defense of President Trump over the idiocy of the “Orange Man Bad” mindset that limits peoples reasonable response to anything good that may come from the current administration…

NOW I understand that the list of issues that our POTUS has, is long and distinguished. He’s a bloviator, ego driven, narcissistic, but really what can you expect from someone who was raised to think he was the most important person in any room. So there is enough there, but people want to drive the point home so badly they begin exaggerating the small things and then it just gets weird.

Beyond that support or rejection of Trump now leads people to be fired from jobs, lose friends, treat family poorly, and turns civil discourse into frothing at the mouth diatribes over all the bad the orange man has done… But there is good and bad, and when we can be adult enough to recognize, then we are ready for the kind of discussion that can bring about change.

The good and the bad…
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