Base Names, Statues, Cartoons & The Losing Side of Symbolic Victory – Grayed Out Podcast EP 9


Ep 9: Base Names, Statues, Cartoons & The Losing Side of Symbolic Victory…

THIS TIME AROUND… I’M KIND OF TAKING A SIDE… but not the way one would expect and hopefully in a way that makes, as Arsenio used to say, go hmm….

SYMBOLIC VICTORY – There are symbolic victories throughout history that have turned out to be just that, and came before the overall demise of the winner. WW2 gave us some prime examples just to point in a general direction.

Here is why I bring this up.

Changing names of Military Installations, Tearing down statues, and banning cartoons or tv shows… are not REAL HELP, they are merely symbolic.

You might be wondering why that is an issue and how am I being politically homeless on this? Let me explain… well let me sum up.

CHANGES COST BIG MONEY – bigger than you’d expect. (grave 3K)
Legal battles to those changes = BIGGER MONEY

Who bears that cost and what does it actually buy us???

Racism in America: A Citizen’s Summit – video link:

As always, I’d love any feedback.

And Now You’ve been Grayed Out….
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