Villains, Villains Everywhere… or are they? – Grayed Out Podcast EP 10


Ep 10: Villains, Villains Everywhere… or are they?

We have gotten into this place where everyone is a villain or at least the only way we can have a discussion is by vilifying the other person in the argument to make them seem like they are advocating an evil position or are themselves evil. It’s getting kind of exhausting.

I’ve had arguments online with friends, and we can disagree and hopefully we stay friends… at least none of my friends have tried to vilify me yet or call me racist or say they are done talking to me.

So, there’s that, but society and the media, and certainly our dear friends in Washington D.C. are on the vilifying bandwagon and it’s leaking into the culture and I think there needs to be some push back.

Here’s the script?
Love liberty and our Country? Villain
Want to see equality and justice for the Black Community? Villain
Think Black lives actually matter but think BLM is probably not a great organization for seeing that actually happen? Villain
Black Conservative? Villain
Got questions? Probably a villain too, you just aren’t aware of it yet.

Maybe this is a repeat of another episode, but it bears some repeating. We can’t make anything better if we just keep pointing fingers, destroying things, and buying into the manufactured side of outrage.

Sorry I could not find the link to video I mentioned. However if you’ve heard of it or seen it, send it my way and I will edit the description/notes.

As always, I’d love any feedback.

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