JUSTICE – Policing Bills House v. Senate



I’ve been on a bit of a mini tear on social media about the bills, and tonight I’ll be putting together a new podcast episode on this particular subject matter as well as just reading the bills in general.

We have an obligation to at least dig a little deeper on some of these things; because we are largely being kept in the dark when it comes to the content of a lot of bills, laws, propositions (state level) and we tend to lean on whatever idealogical bent we identify with in the author/sponsor. This is not enough, because I believe most people don’t want the pork, sneaky addendum attempts, the amendments added in the last moments, or any of that garbage. Should we have a bill (take the Covid financial packages from April as an example) laced with non related crap that tries to push an agenda, or sneak stuff in for whatever purpose the few deem necessary?

In this case, the bills being presented from both the Senate (Republican written) and House (Democrat written) are largely the same bill, but the media is saying the senate bill is weak, and the Democrats are going to stop the weak bill and write a strong bill, or wait for the house bill. Why? What purpose does that serve when reform is needed and we are all on board waiting for the changes? It’s political partisan gamesmanship, and its a tired game played by both sides, who will then try to tell you it’s only played by the other side. It’s a garbage tactic that proves that most politicians are only in it for their careers and to win, not for the people they are elected to represent. We need to demand better from them, we need to be honest about it as well, demanding it from the people we identify as “our side” as much, if not more than, we demand it from the “other side”.

We must BE BETTER!!!!!