Police Reform & Partisan Games, or, Why We Should Read Stuff – Grayed Out Podcast EP 11


Ep 11: Police Reform & Partisan Games, or, Why We Should Read Stuff

This is a Great SPRINGBOARD from earlier this week and VILLAINS… because right now there are plenty to choose from. Ok that’s dramatic, but I’m a little miffed. A couple of Instagram & Facebook Live videos later and hopefully you know where I’m coming from and hopefully this makes a ton of sense…

SENATE Bill v. HOUSE Bill – semantically the same, however some tighter and looser restrictions in both could be brought to the middle BUT… and that is one BIG BUT!!!.. Leave it to one side to frame it so that the other is all bad, and they are all good and let the press do the rest!

HOW IT WENT DOWN>> albeit, I’m confused by the Democrats on this one…

READ THE BILLS and you find the truth about the language and the vast similarities… but the politicians are COUNTING on it that you don’t and that you just want to hear from them that your side is better and that’s the whole truth… but it isn’t. LoadsofRubbish.com

What keeps you from reading the legislation that goes up for debate in our country… at least the MAJOR stuff?

Make the time, it’s valuable and will help you see through the haze of media and political smoke screens.

As always, I’d love any feedback.

And Now You’ve been Grayed Out….
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