FREEDOM Matters… For Everybody!! – Grayed Out Podcast EP 12

EP 12 – FREEDOM MATTERS – For Everyone

Tonight is the First WEEKNIGHT of FREEDOM WEEK!!! Why is it FREEDOM WEEK! Because this Saturday is the 4th of July 2020 and we need to celebrate a little something to get our heads around all the FUSTERCLUCK this year has been so far!!!

I plan to Freedom so hard this week. So I thought I’d start with talking about this ideal of FREEDOM which actually brings us TOGETHER!! And why it MATTERS FOR EVERYONE and why when Freedoms start to be infringed upon because of the opinions, offended-ness, or subjectivity of others, it is a downward spiral that we will be hard pressed to recover from.

FREEDOMS = Life Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness This IDEAL is something to strive for for everyone, this is why we had the Gettysburg Address in November 1863:,all%20men%20are%20created%20equal
FREEDOM: It Costs, but it’s worth it, it gives more back, and it unites!

WE owe it to one another as United States citizens to contend side by side for one another’s freedoms, So this week, lets focus not on the scars of the past but what they have taught all of us and the road they have paved forward!!

As always, I’d love any feedback.

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