Everything’s Cancelled! The Circular Stupidity of Cancel Culture – Grayed Out Podcast EP 13

EP 13 – Everything’s Cancelled; The Circular Stupidity of Cancel Culture

WELCOME TO THE GRACELESS HELL our society is turning into where it is better to half listen and fully destroy anyone who dares say a dumb thing.

Is There anything worse in the world right now than Cancel Culture? OH YES.. REVENGE CANCEL CULTURE!

Because what was originated by the uber religious right and became a hallmark of the progressive left is now being re-adopted by the conservatives and now we just get to cancel EVERYONE… beware.. you may be next.
STAB GIRL and KAREN(s) – this depends on which of which notorious KAREN videos you’ve watched.

Harvard Stab Girl – https://youtu.be/MdgILrJYF00

Seattle Cut Off “Karen”: https://youtu.be/jcFtg6ZRmms
They sound like a horrible super villain pairing but they aren’t they are the mainstay characters of cancel culture now and somehow Twitter is becoming real life.

Small Groups of REALLY LOUD people are controlling the narrative and we are buying it.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND: you have ZERO right to remain unoffended in life and in the words of Jordan Peterson on Real Time w/ Bill Maher – If you are talking about difficult issues and thinking about that, you are bound to be offensive.

Bill Maher defined political correctness as “The Elevation of sensitivity over truth”
Peterson goes in saying it’s morphed into the “Elevation of Moral POSTURING about sensitivity over truth”

Full Clip of Peterson on Real Time (EXPLICIT): https://youtu.be/8wLCmDtCDAM

We need to reject this idea of Cancelling people who do or say dumb even ignorant things because we FEEL offended or disrespected or whatever. There are more of us who think this sort of outcome is completely ABSURD than we think and we NEED to speak up.

As always, I’d love any feedback.

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